Media Horses-R-Us

Over the past week or so, I’ve been a busy little boy dealing with Media requests on how the markets are likely to respond to an incumbent victory or defeat.

Here’s a quick round up . . .

· Investors content to stay the course
Newsday bzstox044029595nov04,0,5087862.story

· Bush´s challenge now to unite a divided country

· Bettors for Bush

· After bitter campaign, it’s time to govern
CBS MarketWatch

· Bush or Kerry? Who cares?

· Kerry Takes Lead in Online Futures After Poll Reports

· Taking stock in Texas?

· Economy remains potential wild card
CBS MarketWatch

· Those Dark Clouds over the Street

· An end to tech’s job woes?

I’ve been thinking about replacing the tag line for Big Picture: “Will pontificate for food”

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