Barron’s picks up “One Day Wonder or Key Turning Point?”



Barron’s ran with today’s  "One-Day Wonder or Key Turning Point?"  Having spent the past few week s reading a lot of other people’s
explanations as to why the 3/29 Bear call was so wrong, I was surprised how quickly this one made the rounds



One-Day Wonder or Key Turning Point?"
April 22, 2005

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  1. muckdog commented on Apr 22

    I don’t know. I can’t pick the turning points to save my life. Lots of folks wanting to short that bounce, though. I’d like to think that the market gods are watching, and will inflict as much pain on as many as possible.

    Good job on this blog.

  2. anon commented on Apr 23

    Did you ever consider that it could be a One Day Wonder and an important turning point. Volatility has been re-awakened, which could explain both Thurs. and Friday market action. The One day wonder may be that fact which we should start getting re-acquainted with and the opportunities volatility offers (both long and short). At the same time, the imporant turning point should be considered at any extremes in sentiment and technical conditions. That is why we get bounces like Thursday. I argue that both factors are occurring simultaneously.

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