Gasoline Tax, Unchanged Since 1993, is Due for an Increase

Roads are crumbling, bridges are collapsing, and what was once considered one of the greatest achievements of any government anywhere has fallen into embarrassing disrepair. I am of course discussing our nation’s infrastructure. Last year, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the U.S. infrastructure a D+.

When it comes to the most basic functions of government we barely get a passing grade.

How did this happen? Credit a combination of benign neglect and anti-tax ideology run amok.

The Revenue Act of 1932 created the U.S.’s federal gasoline tax, charging 1 cent a gallon. Three decades later, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956.That created one of the world’s great transportation networks, the interstate highway system, at an inflation-adjusted cost of about a half-trillion dollars. ( See the History of the Interstate Highway Systemfor more details.)  Continues here

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