Some MIB background (Danny Kahneman Interview)

A little inside baseball about how the Masters in Business podcasts are put together:

We do a lot of research into each individual guest, including their biographical background, their full professional curriculum vitae (CV), their published papers, books, etc. (Michael Batnick is a huge help with these). When all of that raw research finished, it then must be organized into 5 radio segments of 7, 8, 6 11minutes, plus the open-ended podcast segment.

I don’t want to merely read a list of questions; instead, I am look to engage in a conversation. But because there are always so many specific issues I do not want to forget, we organize the research into a loose guide of major points that I don’t want to forget. Its a fairly structured approach that balance spontaneous discussions but keeps on track. Its taken me a while to if nto master it, then certainly learn how to operate with those confines.

Unlike the actual interviews themselves, the podcast intros are spontaneous, improvised, free-flowing stream of consciousness, usually recorded right after the interview when I am alone in the radio booth. You can sometimes I get a little over enthusiastic, especially after a really great session. My goal is to keep them short and sweet, about two to three minutes.

Every now and again, I go off the rails, and simply babble way too long. Occasionally something odd or funny or amusing happens, and I feel compelled to use that.

This intro to my Danny Kahneman interview (here) is a perfect example. At 5:28, it was way too long — thats why we didn’t use it — but it’s a lovely story about Danny, and since we reran that this past weekend, I thought it was worth sharing.


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