Trump’s Infrastructure Plan is DOA

Trump’s Huge Infrastructure Plan Is a Flop
It doesn’t come close to spending enough to fix the nation’s roads, bridges and tunnels.
Bloomberg, February 13, 2018




I’m a sucker. I admit it.

One of my failings is believing people who firmly shake my hand while looking me squarely in the eye. Indeed, it is a normal tendency many people have, which makes us vulnerable to being duped by those who prey upon our confirmation biases. We selectively hear what we want to hear, and disregard the rest.

And so I had high hopes for President Donald Trump’s new 10-year $1.5 trillion infrastructure proposal. I should have known better.

Modernization of America’s infrastructure is a favorite cause of mine. I don’t think I am dreaming of a utopian paradise when I imagine a nation that has well-paved roads; bridges and tunnels that are in better than fair condition; a reliable and hack-proof electrical grid, with widely available broadband; a water and sewage treatment system that ensures public health;  and a safe and efficient port system. And oh, the places you would go if only we had modern airports and an advanced flight-control system.

Given the overwhelming need for a major upgrade to the country’s aging backbone of commerce, I assumed that a feasible and reality-based infrastructure plan would be forthcoming from the Trump White House.

There is bipartisan support for it; it is popular among voters (at least the 2017 version was); even reliably conservative groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commercehave come out in favor of raising the federal gas tax to help pay for road improvements . . .


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