Blog Tech


Quite a few neat little technologies operate behind the scenes – here are the details of what makes this site run:


Word Press is the blogging software that powers the entire site. I have been using it since 2008 –it is robust, reliable and flexible. Prior to that the blog was hosted on Typepad, which was great, but we outgrew it.

Google powers the site search automagically delivers these blog posts to Facebook and Twitter.

Instapaper powers our daily AM and PM reads.

Feedburner handles our RSS generation

Mailchimp handles our daily email list.

Akismet handles the spambots nicely. (Good job!)

Web hosting by Server5

Out:think did our most recent redesign.

Caitlyn-bot 3000 handles most of the HTML work and file uploading

Advertising is fulfilled by Investing Media Solutions, Federated Media, and Google Adsense.

Shantz is the Word Press plugin that randomly generates our QOTD

Amazon S3 hosts some of our larger graphics and files.

Music supplied by Pandora