MIB: Michael Lewis (Part I)

This week, we speak with Michael Lewis, author of such classics as Liar’s Poker, Money Ball, The Big Short, Flash Boys, and his just published book, The Undoing Project (see my review here).

Lewis wrote a column for the Wall Street Journal explaining how overpaid bankers were that got him into hot water with the home office. The compromise was that he could write but under a pseudonym/pen name. Eventually, Chevy Chase’s father outed him from his pen name, and Lewis decides to becomes a full time writer. Friends and family and colleagues at Solly hold an intervention to prevent him from giving up his lucrative career as a sales-trader to foolishly become a writer.

He describes his transition from Bond trader to author, including the blowblack to his book Flash Boys. He also describes where his ideas come from, and his writing process. He explains why he didn’t write Why Genius Failed.

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Next week, we speak with John Roque, technical analyst for George Soros.