Jenrette’s 24 Rules for Success

Katia Porzecanski reported yesterday that legendary banker Richard Jenrette — he is the “J” in DLJ — passed away, leaving a previously unknown list of 24 rules for, life.

The full list is here, but the following are my favorites:


What I Learned (How to Succeed and have a Long and Happy Life)

Stay in the game. That’s often all you need to do – don’t quit. Stick around! Don’t be a quitter!

Stay informed/KEEP LEARNING!

Study — Stay Educated. Do Your Home Work!! Keep learning!

Cultivate friends of all ages – especially younger

Turn Problems into Opportunities. Very often it can be done. Problems create opportunities for change — people willing to consider change when there are problems.

Be on the side of the Angels. Wear the White Hat.

Have a fall-back position. Heir and the spare. Don’t leave all your money in one place.
Learn a foreign language.

Don’t criticize someone in front of others.

Don’t forget to praise a job well done (but don’t praise a poor job)

Keep your standards high in all you do.


Good advice for anyone . . .



Legendary Investment Banker Richard Jenrette Left These 24 Rules for Success.
Katia Porzecanski
Bloomberg, May 1, 2018