Terror Futures Market

Quote of the Day

“When I saw that article the other day about a market being established to bet on the probability of wars, terrorist attacks and assassinations, I dissed it completely out of hand as nonsense, incredible nonsense. All I could think of was what the blotter would look like. Let’s see. I’m short the Osama Bin Laden December ’04 calls, long 2 ambassadors to Middle East countries and have an Iraq/Iran swap on. I’m also considering some North Korea nuclear incident converts, but they’ve gotten away from me lately. “Get me a look at the East Coast Tunnels and Bridges puts, will you?

Huh? It just could not be true. Nobody is that warped. Well, evidently, they are. Big time.”

–an anonymous Bear Stearns analyst on the proposed Terror Futures Market (policyanalysismarket.org)

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