The Other Blog

I’ve been trying to decide how to separate the two typepad blogs: The Big Picture — where you are now — has developed into a more work focused, market oriented journal. Market commentaries, pointers to what I’m reading and/or finding interesting, the more complex research work I’m doing — they seem to be finding their way here.

Its like a weekday work blog. I’m thinking I should keep it that way.

essays & effluvia seems to be for most everything else. I’ve posted dry political humor (Dead Centagenarians), ascerbic political commentary (Shrill Blonde Harpy), odd designs (Custom Bike), Music (Joey Miserable and the Worms), and the simply absurd (Male ‘Enlargement’ Pills & rampant bacterial growth).

Consider it a “late nite and weekend” kinda blog. Fun, but not totally denuded of thought. Check it out — when you get out off work.

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