“Groping Along – The “Arnold” Economy . . .

Even though it looks like a desperate cry for attention (Link to me! Link to me!), I still got a laugh out of iViewResearch‘s Weekly Report (dated October 6, 2003):

“It is our sense that we are now at a mini tipping point in which businesses will be compelled to spend more on top line enhancing services like CRM as growth opportunities present themselves thanks to an economic recovery that continues to grope along (the “Arnold” economy?!).”

“…we believe that most corporate managers are highly skeptical of the length and strength of this economic recovery and, unlike most investors, have little faith in a sustainable global recovery. The world has changed and many companies have recognized this. We believe, however, that most investors have not.”

You can download the report here.

I gotta think this is the first mention of The “Arnold ANYTHING” in economic terms . . .

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