Chart of the Week: Day Before/After Holidays

The periods around certain holidays have some historical seasonality worth paying attention to: In particular, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years seem to have a very positive correlation.

The Day Before/After Holidays (2/8/71 to 11/21/03)

Source: VTO Report

The trading session following Turkey day has seen the Dow up 9 of the past 10 years (Don’t get too excited, as the prior 10 years saw only 4 of 10 up days). Regardless, barring extraneous events, the odds favor this Friday being a day in the green.

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Quote of the Day
“The dimmed outlines of phenomenal things all merge into one another unless we put on the focusing-glass of theory, and screw it up sometimes to one pitch of definition and sometimes to another, so as to see down into different depths through the great millstone of the world.”
James Clerk Maxwell

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