U.S. Music Sales Up

Does the improving U.S. economy have anything to do with this? How about a slew of new and critically well reviewed CDs? The availability of legit on-line music services?

Naah. Not if you ask the RIAA — they will tell ya its the enforcement hammer that’s sending consumers scurrying into retailers to buy CDs.

I don’t believe them — and you shouldn’t either. To paraphrase, “Its the economy, stupid.”

U.S. Music Sales Up as Positive Trend Rolls On
By Sue Zeidler
Reuters Wed Nov 19, 9:56 PM ET

Global music sales continue to fall
by Owen Gibson
Guardian, Thursday November 20, 2003

EMI halts fall in music sales
By Saeed Shah
Independent Digital (UK), 20 November 2003

RIAA Strikes Back At Music Pirates In 2003

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