I was surprised that not many people made much mention of the WSJ’s “Power 30.” It was an interesting dissection of who the BSDs* were — at least from the WSJ’s perspective:

“Who are the most influential people in investing? Warren Buffett? Alan Greenspan? Naturally. But maybe you didn’t think of Ed Hyman, or Abigail Johnson. Or baseball’s Billy Beane. The following special report on the 30 most influential people in investing over the past 12 months (adapted from SmartMoney)

This year’s list reflects the rise to power of those whose main job it is to fight abuses of power by others. The magazine argues that such people are certainly needed — as are the money machines, geniuses and other strong leaders who round out this exclusive roster.

There are some little-known names here, and others you might expect to see are missing, like that of President Bush. SmartMoney says that as with all world political leaders, “We’ll just stipulate that he’s powerful and leave it at that.”

Still No. 1: Warren Buffett

Policy Players: Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernake, Mark McClellan, Jean-Claude Trichet

Market Movers: Steve Galbraith, Steven Cohen, The American Homeowner, Abigail Johnson, Bill Miller, Bill Gross

Watchdogs: William McDonough, Paul Roye, Dick Grasso and John Reed, Eliot Spitzer

Wise Guys: Charles Ellis, Henry Emerson, Howard Schilit, Ed Hyman, Jeremy Grantham

Innovators: Tim Collins, Billy Beane, Stan O’Neal, David Salem, Daniel Kahneman

Bulldogs: Gordon Crawford, Thomas Jones, Amy Domini, Peter Clapman, Trevor Harris

The Smartmoney Power 30
WSJ, November 10, 2003,,SB106843378249003800,00.html

*BSD – See Michael Lewis: Liar’s Poker” for a full explanation of this term . . .

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