Wall $treet Week with Fortune Magazine tonight on PBS


I will be appearing on Wall $treet Week, discussing the Magazine Cover Indicator, what the signal means, and how to apply it. Regular readers know we have discussed the Magazine Cover indicator, as well as the Trump signal several times this past year.


In all fairness to Business Week, there was a “Rebirth of Equities” cover which they produced around 1983. It was an attempt to “undo” what their original contrarian cover did; It has been largely forgotten.

In most of the country, it will be on at 8:30pm; Around the New York region, it may be preempted (by a pledge drive). You can check local time and channels around the country, by going to to this PBS address.

UPDATE: March 15 5:47am
30 seconds was just about right. The transcript is here: http://pbs.netscape.com/wsw/tvprogram/#magazines

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