Chart of the Week:US vs. Japan: Post Bubble Comparison

A post bubble comparison between the CPI and Central Bank set Discount Rates vis a vis the United States and Japan.

US vs. Japan: Post Bubble Comparison
Source: Jim Stack, Investech Research

Japan has had several false starts, based upon their CPI rallying and failing. Whether the US is similarly situated is at present unknown.

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Quote of the Day:
“If you are not willing to study, if you are not sufficiently interested to investigate and analyze the stock market yourself, then I beg of you to become an outright long pull investor, to buy good stocks and hold on to them; for otherwise, your chances of success as a trader will be nil.”
Humphrey B. Neill

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  1. Pete Harrigan commented on Apr 26

    Interesting chart. What I find most interesting is that while it took the BOJ five years to go from raising to the high of 6% to lowering to 1%, the FED went from raising to a low (?) of 1% in something like 20 months. Kind of a different response to a bubble pop, eh?

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