Economist Wanted


Steve Liesman has fun at the Chairman’s expense (heh):

“Wanted: Economist with impeccable credentials. Knowledge of monetary policy a must. Should be a calming, paternalistic figure. Intuitive sense of economic trends desirable. Ideal candidate desires full employment and low inflation in equal measures. Ability to navigate Washington political minefields a real plus. Required skill includes talent for speaking — at length — and not saying anything.

Essential that candidate be independent but remember who offered the job in the first place.

Send resume and cover letter to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C.
To the attention of: Person TBD by voters in November.”

The full article looks at all the potential replacement candidates from a possible Bush second term . . . Next week, John Kerry’s choices..

With Greenspan’s Time Short, Who Might Bush Pick for Fed?
The Macro Investor
Steve Liesman
WSJ, May 28, 2004,,SB108566410070022899,00.html

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