Read it here 1st: W’s Eroding Cuban Support in Florida


Over two months ago (March 24, 2004), we cited polls indicating that Cuban Voters in Florida Wavering in Support for President.

Not just one, but two different polls.

Glad to we see Newsweek has caught up with the Big Picture. Can’t blame them for being behind — how could they ever match our manpower or budget?


Let me also welcome those of you joining us from the Washington Post, coming to read our “legal excerpt” ™ from the American banker: Fed Chief’s Calendar Includes More White House Face Time

Florida: Eroding: Bush’s Cuban Support
Arian Campo-Flores
Newsweek, May 31 2004 (found May 28 2004)

Terror Warning Timing Questioned
Dan Froomkin
Washington Post, May 27, 2004; 10:30 AM

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