Media Appearence: Kudlow & Kramer (6/1/04)


I’ll be on Kudlow & Kramer tonite at 5:30pm on CNBC.

We will be discussing “Confirming a Market Turn,” and “Timing Market Turns.”
The related topics/sub text will be Oil, Terrorism, and the Presidential Elections . . .

Should be fun — I have actually never met James Cramer in person before . . .

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  1. Thomas Warfield commented on Jun 2

    I happened to catch you on the show yesterday. The other guy seemed to get all the screen time. At the end there when you mentioned slowing retail sales, I thought K&C were going to hiss at you… they sure didn’t seem to want to hear that.

  2. david compton commented on Jun 22

    I have watched both interviews with Vonage & Eght. It seems like you guys were applauding Vonage with their many interviews. The interview with Eght was very negative! I agree this business is going to be filled with competition: why does this make Vonage better?

  3. Toni MacIntyre commented on Sep 10

    Please relay this message to Kudlow or Kramer, the bald guy with the beard. I watch his show occasionally on CNBC, but get turned off whenever this guy comes on. I find this guy’s delivery very offensive. He does not need to scream and shout to get a point across. He is loud and obnoxious, he thinks he is cute but some friends and I think he is too overbearing and disgusting. He might know his material but his manner and style prevent people from watching him.

  4. sattar commented on Nov 15

    Kramer & kudlow should stick to market info and stay off politics. Also what;’s with the shouting Kramer. That kind of rude attitude may go down well in NYC but you look like a jerk in red states.

  5. Larry commented on Dec 22

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  6. bob weaver commented on Dec 23

    Jim made a comment about a stock, sounded like “pws” he said may be next microsoft. What is the name of the stock?

  7. alan stevens commented on Jan 10

    Everyone talks stocks but very few look at convertibles. Want to play the commodities game. Look at International Paper(buying back 20% of their debt in next two years) or Summfit-Stone turning their operations around or
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