Soulless capitalist pigs


Terrific title for a magazine article in Red Herring: Soulless capitalist pigs:

“The greed-is-good, savings and loans scandals of the ‘80s are long gone. The dot-com excesses of the ‘90s are barely visible in the rear-view mirror. The Arthur Anderson, Freddie Mac, Enron, and WorldCom accounting scandals of the ‘00s have blown over.

Corporations have learned their lessons and want to do right by the world.

Mark Achbar has his doubts. Producer and director of the independent film The Corporation, based on a book by Joel Bakan, Mr. Achbar has raised questions close to the heart of many entrepreneurs. How can a company change the world for the better – and not fixate solely on stock price?

Mr. Achbar, an entrepreneur in his own right, spotlights public companies and the profit imperative that guides management. The film, already a hit in Mr. Achbar’s native Canada, and winner of the Sundance Audience Award for best picture, makes its U.S. premiere tonight in San Francisco.”

Soulless capitalist pigs
The indie film The Corporation analyzes big business’s inner psychopath.
Red Herring, June 4, 2004

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