What’s up with CNBC? ?


What is up with CNBC’s recent programming gyrations? It defies logic.

Consider these moves:

-Cutting back their top rated (and my favorite) show — Kudlow & Cramer — from 4X to just once a day (big mistake);

-The Dennis Miller Show — it makes no sense on this network — and that’s before you get to the fact that its simply unwatchable;

-Moving Maria off the NYSE floor (which was likely her choice) has left a void — find a new “Money Honey” to replace her with (How about the woman from CNBC Asia? — Amanda something — she has a similar look and demeanor);

-What up with Rukeyser? He’s been AWOL for over 6 months now. It’s like he died and they are afrsaid to tell anyone; Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K.

-Lastly, can we please stop hiring Jocks and Actors to do Financial Analysis? In 1999, it was Jose Conseco, now its disgraced wrestler John “Bradshaw” Layfield (See links below). Wise up.

On the positive side, grabbing Dylan Radigan from Bloomberg was a smart move, and his show BullsEye — at least the first half hour — is a lively format that seems to work.

Now, if we can only break them of their celebrity addiction, it would make Jack Welch proud.

CNBC Wrestles With a Bad-Boy Image
By Lisa de Moraes
Washington Post, Thursday, June 10, 2004; Page C07

NY Post, June 10, 2004

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  1. brian commented on Jun 10

    Rukeyser has prostate cancer (See link above)

    As for replacing Maria… What is wrong with Alexis Glick?

    I agree completely with you on K&C.

    Can’t say I agree with you on Bullseye, and I can’t stand that Becky Quick.

  2. Matt Stoller commented on Jun 11

    K & C is never on anymore – I loved it. That Miller guy is so tedious.

  3. rkhopkins commented on Jun 22

    CNBC has deteriorated from a fairly good business
    news site to a site shilling products, latest is Billy Clinton’s essays. What that has to do with the investing public- Lord knows?? But they find it tittillating to the extreme. Unfortunately we do not have access to Fox FN here, but wworking on it. Between national ads/local ads and what they shill for the day, hardly room for any use-ful investment info. SHAME!!!

  4. carolyn Trino commented on Feb 22

    Bullseye prespective with dylan is super. You guys really screwed up trying to delet it. Please tell Dylan he still doesn’t have to wear a tie. He is ONE of the few shows that can actually attract a female audience. We (my husband and I( really liked Cudlow and Cramer, but can understand that they had different focci.
    we are also so glad they will BOTH still be viewable.
    When will you learn “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” You’re NUTS>
    Carolyn and Jim Trino
    McCall Idaho

  5. Money commented on Aug 12

    well. i must say, i think Cramer’s mad money is a great show. besides, almost everything they say on CNBC during the day is junk anyway. it’s all media hype. it’s only the occasional little tidbit that’s actually useful. there just ain’t that much to say about the stock market. that’s why they have all those stupid polls

  6. Ken Hicks commented on Aug 12

    Just saw the discussion of the Overstock law suit on Closing Bell. Please do not confuse the general public by discussing this in terms of legal short selling being the issue that this law suit is addressing. Also, please learn and share with your viewers the difference between short selling and naked short selling (counterfeiting) of a company’s stock. No one is concerned about anyone borrowing stock and selling it (short selling). What should be addressed is the activity of short selling where the seller has no intention of ever borrowing the shares nor buying the shares back on the open market after the stock price goes down (naked short selling). That practice is, in effect, an act of counterfeiting as surely as CNBC exists. Regulation SHO does not seem to be working; the stock borrow program of the DTCC is brought into question; the SEC does not seem to care about protecting investors (ref: REG SHO grandfathering); the Senate Banking Committee has yet to act; and to date, the Bush Administration has not gone public with any plan to address, much less fix this long standing problem. Who has the teeth? We have yet to see anyone come down on the side of the “mom & pop” retail investor.
    Ken from Florida.

  7. Jimmy the Jet commented on Dec 2

    Bring back Alexis Glick you CNBC clowns she was the best you ever hired , morons !

  8. Cary Lapekas commented on Mar 20

    Is Alexis currently behind the scenes being groomed for Katie’s job in the event Katie takes the anchor desk at CBS when her contract expires in May?

  9. professor commented on Mar 20

    Alexis Glick was the main reason to watch the Today show at 9:am. She is intelligent and very attractive. Hopefully the decision makers will come to their senses and bring her back.

  10. David Pride commented on Mar 29

    Alexis Glick and her no nonsense bubbly delivery on the second half of the TODAY show was a success because of her partnership with Natalie Morales, AL Roker and Ann Curry.

    Young beautiful, bright and vibrant talents combined with this seasoned funnyman, there is no doubt your ratings went through the roof when they were on.

    Guaranteed to blow Regis and Kelly all the way back to the Pacific Coast Highway, you need to fire the guy holding out on the rating statistics from the shows this duo aired together.

    Is there anyone more beautiful than Natalie Morales on daytime TV today? Maybe the hottie from Vegas, initials VM who jumped the GH ship years ago.

    This is the market(age type) you want to attract. The college crowd with classes intentionally stacked in the afternoon so that they can catch up on the latest breaking in the morning.

    Where else can you find a TV News coorespondent who ice skates, surfs and looks as hot in nylons and a skirt. Where did you guys find her? In my years in New Brunswick at Rutgers, I’m kicking myself now for missing out on the potential to meet this gorgeous beauty in person.

    More importantly than any ratings however, they are two young professional mothers balancing career and marriage. Isn’t this the positive responsible message and image we want to project to our young people.

    So please wake Up. Bring Alexis back to complete the gorgeous set .

  11. Ronnie commented on Mar 29

    Personally, I did not like Alexis Glick.
    I found her vocabulary and delivery lacking. “OK, now let’s talk about….” was her lead in for Every interview. I do agree that Natalie is GORGEOUS, and I find her more appealing every day!!! — how does she DO that?
    So for this viewer, not having Alexis’ fashion savvy is no loss.
    sorry Alexis, nothing personal….

  12. Monte Marano commented on Apr 3

    Alexis Glick is smokin hot when she was on CNBC wow was it worth it to see her.. ..im sick of the old bag Katie

  13. Susan commented on Apr 5

    I hated Alexis Glick. I felt like she was kathy lee’ing up the Today show, always talking about her kids and trying to act cute- I hope she doesn’t come back after Katie is gone. I like Campbell.

  14. stephen commented on Apr 9

    i agree Alexis Glick was so hot!!!!, why the fools at
    NBC took her off is beyond ay kind of sane logic

  15. Dude commented on Apr 25

    The reason I quit watching CNBC is because Alexis Glick was there. When her face showed up at the Today Show, I turned to ABC. She knows nothing about the markets and is not fit for a talk show.

  16. John commented on Aug 5

    I miss Alexis Glick and I wondered what happened to hear. I was just getting used to her when she vanished. I do like Natalie Morales a lot though. She’s very engaging and sexy on the Today show. Funny though when she was recently on a late night talk show (Leno or Conan, I forget) she was not impressive, but seemed too much like a Mom and housewife: I wanted to see a little more of a “wild” side. Now Campbell Brown, on the other hand, was sexy and funny on Conan, just like she is on Today. IMO, she is the best. I could watch her all day. Sigh……

  17. Joe Greeson commented on Aug 8

    Bring back Alexis Glick to replace the current nit-wit on CNBC!

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