Media Appearence: Bulls & Bears (7/17/04)


A heads up: I’ll be appearing on on Fox Saturday (Bulls & Bears @ 10:00am EST).

The topics will be the Corporate Scandals (Ken Lay and Martha Stewart), the Presidential Elections. Once again, this is a full half hour show, so the goal is to spit out more than a snappy soundbite.

In addition to the usual segments, I’ll be going head to head with Gary B. Smith on The Chartman Segment.

Should be fun . . .

UPDATE — while researching the show, I came across this interesting site: Bulls & Bears

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  1. Anne commented on Jul 16

    “In an inflationary environment, the hidden value-related pitfall for investors is that as earnings – or “e” in the “p/e” equation – go up, the ratio itself goes down, just as any fraction does when its denominator increases.”

    Dear Barry,

    Please explain this comment further.

    Thanks, Anne

  2. Anne commented on Jul 16

    The bulls and bears site by the way is out of date.

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