Wall Street reaction to key events during the Bush term


CBS MarketWatch has a terrific round up of all the political activity at the Democratic Convention in Boston this week, specifically focusing opn the impact on the financial markets.

Here’s how the markets have reacted to seminal events during the Bush Presidency. Somehow overlooked is the invasion of Afghanistan (?) and the recent Abu Ghraib prison scandal.
Election Timeline

MarketWatch notes that Wall Street is “the biggest single source of campaign cash” for the President (although challenger John Kerry also receives some of the Street’s largesse.) All this money buys something, and Wall Street leaders have a long wish list for Washington: The top of the list: lower taxes and lower deficits.


As the chart above shows, Wall Street’s Financial services firms show 5-to-1 bias for Bush in their campaign contributions.

CBS’s graphic department does a nice job on making complex subjects readily decipherable.

You should absolutely go check out the entire section of coverage . . .

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