GOP Pickup in Congress?


Provocative discussion in last week’s Barron’s, predicting GOP pick ups in both the House and Senate:

“THE STATE OF THE UNION is cause for anxiety. Our military is stretched thin in Afghanistan and Iraq; the profligate Congress has turned a surplus into a record deficit; and the economy is threatened by trade imbalances, job losses, high oil prices and a health-care affordability crisis.

In light of this doleful litany, you’d expect voters to “Throw the bums out!” The bums in this case are the Republicans, who control not only the White House but both branches of the legislature. But the throwing-out will not materialize, in our view. While it’s too soon to predict the presidential race, the GOP looks poised to strengthen its grip on Capitol Hill once all the votes are tallied after Nov. 2 and all the legal challenges are adjudicated.

Barron’s predicts that the Republicans will pick up seven additional seats in the House and three more in the Senate, adding to the gains of the 2002 midterm election.

In the House, we foresee the Republicans with 234 members to the Democrats’ 201, for a 53.8% majority, up from the current 227-205, or 52.5% majority. In the Senate, we believe the Republicans will end up with 54 members to the Democrats’ 46, up from the current 51-49 advantage.”



Why the GOP will strengthen its grip on Congress Kings of the Hill
Barron’s October 11, 2004

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  1. Elaine Supkis commented on Oct 17

    The GOP hopes to 18181 this election, ie, CHEAT using their lovely computer voting machines. Remember 18181? That unusal, very harmonic and strange, nearly unique number came up FIVE TIMES in the last “election” all for GOP candidates, all on electronic voting machines….

    Aside from rank cheating, I see no way America deciding the GOP is the way to go. If so, then WWIII will be our fate and I know that this won’t make anyone a millionaire but then, Germans all thought they would be rich rich rich if they only looted the world twice over.

  2. dilbert dogbert commented on Oct 19

    If bush wins then one needs a strategy on how to ride out the coming mess. I was wondering what is the best way to get some money out of the country so it can’t be confiscated by the US gov and is denominated in Euros.
    Anyone with thoughts to share on this?

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