TiVo DVD-R $399


Last year, we noted that DVD recorders were in the ~$500 price range, and predicted that when prices dropped below $200, they would become a hot seller. (Although we were more excited about the 400GB DVR DVD Recorder than the basic models)

Now, we spot the next bargain: $399 Tivo DVD-Recorder:


Here’s the TiVo info:

DVD burning has never been this easy! Think of it as three products in one: An 80-hour TiVo digital video recorder, a progressive-scan DVD player, and an easy-to-use DVD recorder. Burn your favorite shows (or even home movies you have on your camcorder) to DVD so you can watch them anywhere. 80 Hour $399.99*

Pretty reasonable pricing . . .

* Note that when the Pioneer DVR-57H first came out, it was $1800 . . .

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