Vomit Indicator

Rob Fraim‘s contributions to these pages are always welcome. Today’s comments are so amusing I felt they deserved a wider audience:

"Long-term readers are familiar with one of my market-timing tools.  For newer folks I will explain.

The Rob Fraim Regurgitation Indicator. Translation:  When I feel like vomiting on my desk you can buy stocks, since we are probably near a low and there’s a trading bounce coming along soon.

(The funny thing is, and others will bear me out on this, while I offer this in (partial) jest the track record of My Belly has been pretty good.)

The polar opposite of this rally indicator is the Rob Is Getting Cocky Oscillator.  This happens when I start to think they I’m pretty darned good at this after all, by cracky and yes I am a trading stud.   That is a great sell signal.

I am feeling quite nauseated.   Not full blown badly vomitous like in March of 2003 and August of 2004 but pretty queasy.

So now you know what my stomach is saying.   May my pain be your gain."

Its still a bit early — this isn’t really all that sickening — but it could get that way.

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