Welcome Hundred Percenters & Conservative Underground

Glad to see you folks!

I am sorry, however, to inform you that you were unfortunately brought here under false pretenses. The maps which summoned you forth are hardly biased (tho I cannot say the same thing for the post November Maps).

If you are looking for a wet blanket, you came to the wrong place.

However, if you are looking for an interesting collection of information on Iraq — its people, ethnic groups, oil reserves, states, and where and how the violence over the past year has been concentrated — from a variety of sources, from the CIA to the WSJ to BBC to NYT — than enjoy!

But understand, my job:  I’m in the business of interpretating data, and attempting to anticipate market reaction to that data point(s).  My own personal views on political events are mostly irrelevant — I have no room for in my econometric model for anything but cold, hard, critical analysis. But that shouldn’t stop other people from engaging in polemical perspectives, optimistic views or wishful thinking.

Hey, someones gotta take the other side of the trade . . .

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  1. Your friend. commented on Jan 31


    There is only one word to describe you:


    You really need to start thinking straight. If you’re not convinced this is the best of all possible administrations please read, a wonderful article which debunks that left wing rag the Wall Street Journal:


    Note that nowadays a 1.8% dividend rate is nearly 3 times as much as a 6% dividend rate in the fifties. Now how can you argue with facts like that?

    Think double think.

    I say this because I wuv you.

    – Your friend.

  2. Chris commented on Jan 31

    Uh oh, did the ankle biters and other critters come out of the wood work on the Iraqi-map post?

    If you want to really mess with their heads, post a map of Iraq divide into quadrants with little flags of corporate logos for Exxon, Shell, Haliburton, and Bechtel.

    Then watch the trolls come out…

    In fact, i’ll find you map like that if you would like to post it.


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