Media Appearance: Power Lunch (2/10/05)


I am back on CNBC’s  Power Lunch with Bill Griffeth and Sue Hererra, between 1pm and 2pm today.  We’ll be talking about earnings, investing, stocks and the market.

Also on will be Joseph E. Besecker of Emerald Asset Management.


UPDATE 02/10/05 3:26pm
Big Joe Besecker is both an honorable guy, and a good sport. He lost the Superbowl bet, agreed to wear a Patriot hat on the air, and gave me a Fuente Cigar. Even better, he actually brought 20 Pats Cheesteaks  (10 with, 10 without). Delicious!

How embarrassing is it to have an email from your mom read on the air in front of 7 million people? I must have turned 12 shades of purple . . .




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