New Music: Radio versus iPod Adverts

Here’s a bizarre observation:

I hardly find much in the way of new music on the radio. Haven’t for years. And we’ve already analyzed how iPods have become the new radio.

But consider this factoid:

One of the highest profile sources of new music, is, ironically, iPod commercials:  U2’s Vertigo, Jerk it Out by The Caesars, Jason Nevins remixed version of N.E.R.D.’s song Rock Star, and Channel Surfing by Feature Cast, The Vine’s Ride, Ozomatli’s Saturday Night, John Murphy’s Spit, and Benny Golson, Music to Think By. I first heard all of these via an Apple advert (even with TiVo).

Then there’s the homebrewed Apple ads, featuring Tiny Machine by the Darling Buds, as well as What’s Your Favorite Color by Living Colour. Othe Apple ads: I really like both Take California by the Propellerheads,and Walkie Talkie Man by Stereogram — both of which I first heard via an iPod commercial. I have friends who say the same thing for Black Eyed Peas’ Hey Mama — pod commercial. Since I’m a brit rock fan, I knew of Jet’s Are You Gonna Be My Girl
— but I suspect that many people first heard that via iTunes adverts (Let me know in the comments if I missed any).

Indeed, I’ll bet many more people first heard all these songs on a television commercial, and not on the radio. What does that say about the broadcast industry? Not anything good, that’s for sure.

Apple hasn’t left out classic rockers:  Jimi Hendrix (Purple Haze), Steppenwolf (Born to be Wild), Bob Dylan, (Forever Young), Barry White (You turned my whole world around) and the Rolling Stones (She’s a Rainbow). I wonder how many young ‘uns discoverd this music via Apple commercials?

Kinda ironic (don’t cha think)?

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  1. Rajesh commented on Feb 15

    When I used to live SF my car/home/former mobile player with FM tuner were all tuned to KFOG. KFOG – part of a small time radio holdings company, if there is such a thing – continues to be a stark contrast to the clear channel/infinity robot broadcast.

    Now that I am in the east coast, in addition to iPod ads (and free single iTunes giveaways), I use iTunes Radio Charts to see what KFOG has added to their playlist, sample it, and buy it. I discovered Robert Randolph, Ozomatli through them. Now only if they added KFOG to iTunes Radio (instead of streaming independently) I wouldnt have to spend any music time outside of the Apple experience!

  2. Darley commented on Mar 2

    In my opinion, the Apple iPod is the best marketed item on the planet. If you said iPod loudly in the street, most will think of the advert with the dark human figures, white iPod instruments and great songs behind them (with the exception of U2’s awful Vertigo).
    Every person on that street will know what you were talking about. The iPod is one of these well known things such as eBay. Everyone knows it and uses it in expressions such as “I wan’t that as much as a teenager wants an iPod.”
    If the marketing keeps up, the iPod won’t go out of fasion any time soon.

  3. Jon commented on Mar 8

    I have a 20gb iPod.. I was trying to find all of the commercial songs and put them into a playlist on iTunes, and i was wondering where I could find a complete list of the songs.. or if I could.

  4. Barb commented on Mar 23

    A great site to find songs from commercials is called What’s that Called? ( Here you can find all the cool tracks and artists from the ipod adds and pretty much every other company out there. Hope that helps!

  5. Barb commented on Mar 23

    A great site to find songs from commercials is called What’s that Called? ( Here you can find all the cool tracks and artists from the ipod adds and pretty much every other company out there. Hope that helps!

  6. silentmute commented on Mar 24

    how about the white stripes – seven army nation

  7. commented on May 19

    links for 2005-05-19 NPR Shows as podcasts (tags: Audio Free Media MP3 News PodCast Radio RSS) Star Wars Last Supper (tags:…

  8. carla commented on May 26

    i need to know the song in the ipod commercial sounds a lil like outkast maybe, i could be wrong, do you know what i am talkin about? it is making me nuts, and maybe the day was long, but i cant get anywhere with that damn whatsitcalled…
    i also need to know a beer commercial song, but again, long day, i dont know what brand of beer, but the lyrics go put me on your plate, cuz you know i’d taste great…
    could you help me before i start walking in circles over this???

  9. erica commented on Jun 20

    Naming this song (and procuring it) was driving me crazy as well. Check out Gorillaz “Feel good, Inc.” The bridge sounds similar to Outkast… I think it is actually De La Soul.

  10. Rayray commented on Jun 26

    Umm….This website is fucking awesome…Listen to rap music ok boiz and gurls

  11. Emma commented on Jun 27

    silentmute: It’s called ‘At The Hop’ by Devendra Banhart

  12. Rhys commented on Dec 4

    Your right about the pod marketing dept having a knack for picking the good stuff from fringe bands
    I hope they keep doing it. It gives some of these bands some well deserved recognition in the main stream that they would usually miss out on.
    PS The Jets like The vines are an Aussie band that
    made it in the UK. But they are great.

  13. Annie commented on May 8

    there is this song that is driving me crazy. i`ve heard this song in the ipod commercials many times and i still cant figure out what the name of the song or the singer is. the song has like a little cute voice and sounds like a robot. can anybody help me?

  14. david commented on May 29

    whats that song like “get ur funk now” or watver? its driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Pete commented on May 29

    Whats that new one with that rock song? The one where the sillouettes smash the guitar and stuff…..
    By the way….Response to Rhyes: The song is Technologic by um…….some people……ya

  16. Walt commented on Dec 16

    Technologic is by Daft Punk

  17. Mia commented on Feb 19

    Actually, Jet is Australian.

  18. Tash lee commented on Feb 24

    jet are AUSTRALIAN! not flipping “brit rock.” give them some credit, unfanatic.

    BR: Guilty! But I do like their sound . . .

  19. dale commented on Mar 8

    the song is Flathead by Fratellis

  20. Kirsty commented on Jun 3

    whats the song that play when the ad with the pc and the mac, its erm like a sorta high pitched woman but its like a really sweet and gentle song?
    please help :/ :]x


    Check out:

  21. matt commented on Jun 18

    whats the song called, with the black sillhouettes with them dancin gin the background and then with the trumpets that the woman pretends to play, coz tht is a song worth listenin to i tells ya… plz find it out someone!!!???…,,,

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