Devils and Dust

"Before its on the Radio, its on AOL."

Uh, no. That false and embarassing misstatement precedes a marred version of Bruce’s new song,  Devils
and Dust
. (You can pre-order the disc from Sony).

If you thought AOL was annoying before, listen to this: Every 30 seconds or so, a voice intones — right over Bruce — "AOL Music, First Listen."

I counted at least 5 of these announcements during the course of this song. Really, really god-damned annoying. Like the lousy DJs who talk over the beginnings and ends of songs. Only this was right in the middle of the tune. Repeatedly.

If there goal was to get me to dislike AOL even more, than they succeeded gloriously. I am cancelling our one remaining family AOL account. And, I can no longer own TWX stock, as I have given up on any thoughts of a turnaround in a company that is this dysfunctional, and (lets just blurt it out): stupid.

How completely and totally do they not understand their music customers? Simply astounding . .  .

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  1. Jane E. commented on Mar 29

    Right, it’s one thing to have a company that is not loved. But it’s another to have one that is LOATHED by many of its customers. Recently, I retried AOL for its music “service” and I will NEVER be an AOL customer again after going through the aggravation of phone cancellation, wherein the script is adhered to NO MATTER WHAT you say.

  2. fatbear commented on Mar 29

    Sold my TWX the day after the AOL merger was announced – in the high ’90’s. People laughed at me – didn’t I see the synergy? Yep, I did – had worked with the parties involved and saw only the ebb tide coming. As for how smart, how much of shareholder value was destroyed with the Warner Music sell-off? Does it remind anyone else of the Billionaire Dwarf selling off CBS music? With very few exceptions, these are not what would be called smart people – and the smart ones (Ross, Turner, Paley) are either dead or forcibly retired.

  3. hermione commented on Apr 13

    I guess you weren’t the only one who was annoyed, because by the time I first heard the song they were only saying that at the beginning, before the song started. Maybe because others complained? Anyway, you are right – AOL is abysmal!

  4. Steven Brier commented on Jul 4

    AOL is a blight and a cancer and has always been. It was born as the Internet version of TV when the Internet was a uninverse of infinite potential; it was born in a series of accounting lies that have only been written off recently by Stephen Casel, a pathological amoral entrepreneur.

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