I have Apple’s Legal Dept on Line 1 . . .

Supershuffle_1 "It’s not identical with the iPod shuffle, it’s better."

That’s how one Luxpro
representative described the company’s "Super shuffle" — an iPod shuffle
lookalike that popped up at CeBIT late last week much to Apple’s chagrin
With an FM tuner, voice recorder and support for MP3, wav and wma formats, the
"Super shuffle" does
indeed seem a bit better than the original,
a claim that didn’t go unnoticed
by Apple’s legal department. At Apple’s behest, Luxpro removed the player from
its display cases Friday, only to put it back on display during the weekend over
the protestations of a visibly distraught Apple product manager.

We all know how
this one ends, right?

Ex-WorldCom CEO adds "Prison Etiquette" to Amazon wish list
John Paczkowski
GMSV, Tue, Mar. 15, 2005

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  1. amused commented on Mar 16

    Well we know how it will go for a while. This is the same Steven Jobs who handed out paper tapes of early MS basic for the Apple 2 explaining to some extent how Bill Gates got the way he is. This is the same guy who lied to his “friend” Wozniak about how much Bushnell was paying him for the games the Woz programmed and insisted on a cut of the earlier blue boxes Woz built and sold even though he freaked out because it was illegal. People of this type do not take kindly if someone does to them what they do to others. Remember how he had Apple sueing everyone who used the GUI concepts he got from Xerox Parc?

  2. Let Me See You Get Low commented on Mar 17

    super shuffle making waves

    Link: The Big Picture: I have Apple’s Legal Dept on Line 1 . . ..

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