I’m on a tight schedule today, so not the usual analysis filled post. Instead, a few articles which have recently intrigued and amused:

Fed Will Stay With `Measured’ Rate Increase
but try to Jawbone you that they won’t

Freebird! — Rock’s Oldest Joke
very amusing WSJ column!

Neuroeconomics to topple the notion of rational decision-making
about time!

The History of Independent Film Finance
surprising parallels between Tech VCs and FIlm Producers

White House Economic Team: Not exactly major league
I’m shocked to find gambling here!

Interview: father of “life hacks” Danny O’Brien   
Hacks defined as "a way of cutting through an apparently complex system with a really simple, nonobvious fix"

Revenge of the Dorks 
Geeks beating online casinos

13 things that do not make sense 
Science quandries

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