Panasonic DVD-R: $199

Dvr_es_10I finally broke down and bought a DVD Recorder. I have so much stuff on my TiVo that I was unwilling to delete (including appearances) that I had to do something. I am nearly out of space on the hard drive. 

What’s so impressive is that I picked up a full featured name brand (Panasonic DMR-ES10S DVD Recorder) for under $200. I grabbed one at BestBuy, but they are the same price at Amazon (free shipping). I have yet to record, but I installed it last night, and plowed thru most of the manual. I should be ready to burn sometime this evening. (I’ll update if anything good — or bad — happens).

Recall back in September 2003, I wrote:

1st, by Christmas 2003, DVD recorders will be $250-300. Its more than 90 days from now, and the upper range of that target is totally do-able.

2nd prediction: Christmas 2004, $150-250. At that price, this becomes a very popular home and consumer device; Especially if we see name brands ike Panasonic under $250.

Now think about the possibilities of combining a DVR/TiVo device with a DVD recorder . . .

We did see DVD recorders in that price range this past Xmas.  And now, a well regarded Consumer electronics firm is at the magic price point.

Next step: Doing some research to find out what companies will be the beneficiary if, as I suspect, this becomes a mosnter product for X-Mas 2005.

Sometimes, predictions do come true!

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  1. ray guilfoyle commented on Apr 7

    Re: DVD-R article on your site-Ampex should be a beneficiary!!! Let’s hope so!!


  2. Panasonic Phones commented on Mar 18

    Wow, we haven’t really come along way since this 2005 post!

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