Bush’s Iraq Rating Slips

We haven’t looked at the geopolitical situation closely since the elections.

The latest coms to us via Harris Polling :

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The Journal observes:   

"AMERICANS’ SUPPORT of President Bush’s handling of the Iraq war has declined to its lowest level since March 2003, when Harris Interactive began measuring U.S. attitudes on the issue. The latest poll of 2,322 Americans shows only 37% approve of the job Bush is doing. Ahead of the Iraq war, a series of Harris surveys asked if people were "confident Bush would make the right decision regarding an attack on Iraq." Since March 2003, Harris has asked, "Overall, how would you rate the job Bush has done in handling the issue of Iraq?" This chart tracks positive and negative responses to the questions since September 2002."

The complete results of the poll can be found here.


Support for Bush’s Iraq Policies Falls to Lowest Level, Poll Shows
May 18, 2005

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  1. royce commented on May 23

    At this point, the statistic is meaningless. Unhappiness with his handling of the war or social security hasn’t resulted in any appreciable gains for the democrats.

    How unhappy can people be about it? It’s like much of the country just checked out on the issue long ago.

  2. Todd commented on May 23

    Wars are fought by polls? Who knew?

  3. Stephen commented on May 23

    So where’s the rage? Ho hum another day in never-never land, we are truly a nation of sheep.

  4. Michael Newton commented on May 24

    What percent are unhappy because we are wasting time/troops/money in Iraq? And what percent are unhappy because we should be spending more time/troops/money in Iraq?

    These polls are meaningless if we don’t know the cause of unhappiness. Some may think Bush is too conservative. Others may think Bush is too liberal.

  5. Chad K commented on May 24

    The Civil Rights movement was opposed by a majority of the population. Emancipation, also opposed by a majority (even started a war).

    Certainly, my attitude about the war is lower than 2 years ago… but that’s becuase the joy of watching tanks roll into Baghdad wore off long ago. Now it’s a real guerilla war… not as easy to organize against as, say, a world-war… but certainly nowhere near as many casualties.

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