Gas prices from around the world

This chart is from CNN’s website. Gas prices around the world  (in US dollars per gallon).

Pretty astonishing collection of data:

Gasoline prices in the United States, which have recently hit record highs, are actually much lower than in many countries. Drivers in some European cities, like Amsterdam and Oslo, are paying nearly 3 times more than those in the U.S.

The main factor in price disparities between countries is government policy, according to AirInc, a company that tracks the cost of living in various places around the world. Many European nations tax gasoline heavily, with taxes making up as much as 75 percent of the cost of a gallon of gasoline, said a spokesperson for AirInc.

Netherlands Amsterdam $6.48
Norway Oslo $6.27
Italy Milan $5.96
Denmark Copenhagen $5.93
Belgium Brussels $5.91
Sweden Stockholm $5.80
United Kingdom London $5.79
Germany Frankfurt $5.57
France Paris $5.54
Portugal Lisbon $5.35
Hungary Budapest $4.94
Luxembourg $4.82
Croatia Zagreb $4.81
Ireland Dublin $4.78
Switzerland Geneva $4.74
Spain Madrid $4.55
Japan Tokyo $4.24
Czech Republic Prague $4.19
Romania Bucharest $4.09
Andorra $4.08
Estonia Tallinn $3.62
Bulgaria Sofia $3.52
Brazil Brasilia $3.12
Cuba Havana $3.03
Taiwan Taipei $2.84
Lebanon Beirut $2.63
South Africa Johannesburg $2.62
Nicaragua Managua $2.61
Panama Panama City $2.19
Russia Moscow $2.10
Puerto Rico San Juan $1.74
Saudi Arabia Riyadh $0.91
Kuwait Kuwait City $0.78
Egypt Cairo $0.65
Nigeria Lagos $0.38
Venezuela Caracas $0.12

In a few Latin America and Middle-East nations, such as Venezuela and
Saudi Arabia, oil is produced by a government-owned company and local
gasoline prices are kept low as a benefit to the nation’s citizens, he
said. All prices updated March, 2005.


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  1. Oyvind commented on May 9

    The even more important question: How many gallons/litres of gas can you buy for one hour of work – average wages?

    With that in mind, the list would be very different.

  2. leewhee commented on May 9

    The metric of hours of work per gallon of gas would be instructive. But so would the avg gallons of gas purchased per year. Clearly Americans pay a lot less for gas than just about any other industrialized nation, we also drive a great deal more than Europeans, Japanese, etc. So a significant rise in the cost of gasoline hits our pocketbooks far harder than it would in other major Western economies because we use so damn much of it. I’ll tell you, I personally could afford $3, $5, even $10 a gallon for gas. But lately, though it doesn’t really change my spending habits, I certainly react when I see $50 rung up on the pumps. For folks less financially secure, I can imagine it’s quite a punch in the gut.

  3. Tobi commented on May 9

    For Europeans the cheap gas prices in the USA are proverbial.
    An urban legend in europe is that in the USA a lot of people do not switch of the engine while for example shopping, so the aircondition is still running when they come back to the car.

  4. Rikkert commented on May 10

    So we Dutch have the highest gas prices in the world? Well, you got to get your taxes somewhere, better tax the people ruining my air.
    Since the high prices for gas here are mainly due to taxes, the overall economic impact is marginal. Gas taxes are substituting for taxes on things we actually want people to do, like work. That doesn’t mean individual behaviour doesn’t change. For example, I’m 26 and don’t even have a drivers license. I guess that would be rather strange in the US but it is not really a problem here.

  5. Phil commented on Jun 17

    I agree with Tobi and disagree with Oyvind. U.S residents do not NEED to drive more. The way people form the U.S say that is because you are simply used in wasting any type of resources that can be wasted. American do not care about oil scarcity and so on. Just look at the engines you guys use, the of comsumption of gas of american engines are far higher than European countries. I thiese countries the governments are concious about the environmental problem, as well as the supply in the long-run issue. Europens drive less cause in their societies are use to care about the country and everybody else within their society.

  6. Bill Darrach commented on Jun 20

    I remember the Oil Crisis of the 70’s when folks with the steel “whales” were aghast, demoralized, and desperate to get rid of them. Along came Uncle Sam with CAF standards. Then along came the Big Three and built SUVs on truck chassis’s that weren’t subject to CAF. And now followed by another Oil Crisis.

    What does a 100 pound housewife or her hubby need with a Hummer or Navigator?

    Europeans have had diesels for 60 years, plus and have stretched the fuel with efficient engineering. We just waste, make ourselves feel good and burn fuel that other folks NEED.


  7. Charlie commented on Jul 5

    Cut out your average European country from a map, then place it on the same scale map as the US. Guess what? Some of you folks live in areas smaller than most of out states. You have an intact mass transportation system, apparently your governments can run your railroads better than ours. At least you have a working rail system for people. We have a mess of a ground mass transportation system. It has us forced into using cars and trucks for getting from here to there. And even we scoff at those who drive Hummers. I drive 82 miles round trip just to get to work in a car that gets 38mpg. There is no other way to get to the job, there is no bus, trolley, interurban or train, just pavement. But in this country, adjusting for inflation, when gas gets to about $3.75 a gallon here, it will cost me just as much as it did my Dad in 1961 at 22 cents a gallon.


  8. the english guy commented on Jul 12

    I agree with Charlie. I live in the US and what a lot of us Europeans fail to take into account is the sheer scale. European cities are cramped with the average size of buildings taller than in the US (the US has a LOT more “urban sprawl”). This could be a result of WW2 with Europeans having to rebuild but Americans just kept on building out, bereft of any devastation.

    When I first came here I was shocked by the size and scale of the roads. In the UK you have little two lane roads (one each side) for a lot of the roads until you get to main arteries with 4 lanes, or motorways (UK version of “freeway”) with 6 lanes or more. Here, there are motorways (6+ lanes) everywhere inside the city, filtering into 4 lanes each side for sections of a neightborhood then finally to your home. It’s planned differently so as a consequence mass transit didn’t need to develop as fast or as complex as in Europe where it was economical vs having expensive road-building.

    Phil – I’m sorry but I respectfully disagree. There is a problem with what you say, and that is the current popular opinion. The nascent green/environment movement is changing and realizing that preaching something unlivable or unworkable, such as going “off-grid” or bicycling everywhere, is a primary reason they have failed thus far. Give Americans something they can -DO- and still live the same way will solve that, and hybrid cars are it. Good milage, sports car versions, give them the do-good feeling AND the bang-for-your-buck feedback they share with the rest of humanity.

    Caring about people in their societies, their countries? Europeans? Germany didn’t think that way just 60 years ago and Russia isn’t such a good bet there either. Please remember that the first heavy industries started in the UK and flourished in the Ruhr Valley, the Europeans are no angels and because you feel good sorting trash into separates or walking everywhere won’t abrogate that collective responsibility. You can’t blame the Americans for using something the Germans first utilized (Benz “cars”) or the British seized Middle Eastern countries to protect; they just do it on a large scale.

    You have to give people a workable solution not something that is going to totally disrupt their society, that they will never willingly or happily do. I care about the environment too, but I can’t make money with printing, or using electricity, or getting to clients far-flung across the world; it has to be usable. If someone came out with Hydrogen power tomorrow it will STILL take 20 years to get into full-swing. You’d need new tankers, new distribution systems, new car-plants, new car-designs, new production plants, it is like copying the petroleum industry, wow talk about a migraine…

    As for gasoline, it is reaching the cost point per barrel of oil where it is feasible for a lot of people to start putting some serious money into finding something else (namely Hydrogen, possibly water). The best thing you can do is to petition your government for higher gasoline taxes or buy hybrids (also has the minor side-effect of lowering sales for the “dirty” car companies).

  9. The English Guy commented on Jul 12

    Gasoline Pricing

    Having lived in the US for ten years or so I think I have become used to the low prices of gasoline in the US. Yes, I said low. I don’t think Americans have any concept of what gasoline costs elsewhere in the world, which is sad because if they …

  10. Robert commented on Jul 13

    Please don’t perpetuate the water engine myth.

    Hybrids are the best practical solution. Where will we get the millions of pounds of hydrogen needed for cars? The US will need about 200 more nuclear plants to create all of the electricty needed to product the hydrogen for cars. Not gonna happen.

  11. Dumbazz? commented on Aug 12

    As long as Bush wants to wipe out all the forests why not build a few more dams too? Just kidding there… However,
    Hydo-electric power is cheap and clean. With current induction coil technology it would seem we could produce near-free electricity for Hydrogen conversion using oceanic wave action. After all, what will Hydrogen sell for when it becomes an alternative fuel for cars and is in bigger demand?

  12. JESSIE commented on Aug 19

    All of you speak as if gas is the only use for oil. Hello, stop look around your home and throw out everything that was built with or has used a petroleum based product to produce. I would bet that everyone from you in the cramped Europe to the space hog America to the bike riding Asians will end up with an empty home. No wait is your home painted was it put together with nails, well you will be left with nothing.

    Hydrogen sounds like a great idea; however, is it practical. If it coast nothing to drive and our conscience was clear that we were not polluting then we would drive more. If we drove more then we would wear out tire quicker, made from petroleum. More people could afford a vehicle (many many petroleum product go into the production of vehicles) which means more people driving. More roads would need to be built. So have we really cut back on our petroleum consumption?

  13. MaxPower commented on Aug 21

    I thought the war in Iraq was suppose to stabilize gas prices??

    Fukk Bush!!

  14. freeenergy commented on Aug 22

    solar power & energy from solar panels is free,,,,50 square miles of solar panels in Arizona, would supply electricity needs for 3 states. Who owns most solar panel companies,,BP OIL AND SHELL OIL!!

  15. Dainty commented on Aug 30

    We must remember the war in Iraq has nothing to do with the price of our gas. We have to remember it is a business and they use the war as an excuse to inflate prices. It is the business that sets the price of their product, not the government. If they wanted to lower the prices they could, but again money talks.

  16. Stephanie commented on Aug 31

    It really bothers me that George Bush, Jr. spends the American money in Iraq, and he is on vacation and than a fund raiser. What about the people of our United States? Being a president means for the whole country, not his rich buddies. He should be going to the areas that got hit by the weather and stop padding the pockets of him and his buddies. The oil wheelers and dealers.

  17. Mark commented on Aug 31

    Katrina just gave Big Oil Co’s. A reason to do some more price gorging

  18. Andrew commented on Sep 2

    “QUOTING leewhee | May 9, 2005 2:50:44 PM

    For Europeans the cheap gas prices in the USA are proverbial.
    An urban legend in europe is that in the USA a lot of people do not switch of the engine while for example shopping, so the aircondition is still running when they come back to the car.

    Responce…..That is the most silly thing I have heard. NO ONE here in the USA leaves their car running when they go shopping. I have never seen someone go in a store, UNLESS its a convenient to pick up a soda or somehting, and leave their car running. Thats crazy!!!!

  19. george commented on Sep 2

    I am an American who has lived in Germany for 8 years during which time the Berlin wall came down. I have also lived in Asia two years.

    I can say first hand that the Europeans who have made entries here are self promoting. They are no more environmental conscious than we are in the US. Yes, there are pockets of recycling just like there are in pockets here in the US. Tell me how environmental conscious Germans are with the speed on the Autobahn. If you look at the list of prices by Country you notice that the countries with the highest prices have a socialist public policy. Many of these same countries have a far higher income tax than the US and as well as a 17 % VAT. Europeans may not need a car because the government has built and subsidized the transportation system of busses, subways and trains. When we look at the area of Europe it is less than 1/4 of the area of the US. For example the old State of West Germany (pre-1990) had a population of 60 M while the State of Oregon is the State of the closest size had a population of less than 10 M. The population density is very high. They live close to where they work — that is those with jobs.

    Are any of you aware that we now live in a global economy? The demand for Oil has grown in China by more than 100% over the last two years. India’s demand has grown by more than 50 % over the same time while the US with a thriving economy has grown by less than 10%. If the US had a sound energy policy with drilling, refinery additions, and research into alternative fuels 20 years ago there would be a much larger supply and simple economics would dictate the price would be lower per barrel today. Also, the US could tell some middle East Kingdoms where to stick their oil pipe.

  20. fawk george commented on Sep 3

    yeah realy im poor or just about poor these prices are killing me……if we all bought gas from one company wouldnt that force the other companys to lower thier prices? couse last time i looked it cost the same to refine the crude oil yet prices rise………thats a daymn shame..n guess who has stock in the major oil companies…thats right george w. bush and his daddy this is a travisty i bet the dumbazzes who voted for him are starting to wonder now. peaceeeeee!

  21. sparky commented on Sep 6

    if gas in other countries is as low as $0.12/gal and crude oil is $70/barrel…lets do the math here……why dont we just buy the already made GAS from these countries

  22. Walid Matar commented on Sep 11

    wow, 6.48? no wonder many of them walk or ride bikes. i’m from saudi where it’s just below a dollar, just as reported. many of the reasons why gas is so cheap in saudi is that we don’t have strict refining laws, no taxes, no long distances of shipment, and we have no psychological impact from possible shortages.

  23. kenneth commented on Sep 27

    i guess bill was doing his job when he was having a cigars with monica

  24. Mac commented on Oct 28

    Correct Me If I’m Wrong, But Here In America There Are 4 Million Flex Fuel Cars That Can Either Run On Ethanol, Gasoline or anymix of the two. Seeing How You Can Extract Ethanol From Sugar and Corn. Although A Gallon Of Ethanol Won’t Get You As Far As A Gallon Of Gasoline. BUT, The Prices Of Ethanol Are 1/3rd The Price Of Unleaded… 2 Resources For The Source Of 1 Fuel. I Like those Odds.

  25. Rachel commented on Apr 13

    Sadly some Americans do leave the car on while shopping. Not many, but some. For example, when they run into a WAWA to grab a bottle of soda real quick. They may leave it on then. I don’t think Americans need to drive more. I being one of them, wish I could walk everywhere, or take the subway. However, I live just outside of Philadelphia, in lower Bucks County, and I have to drive to get places. From my house to school. From my house to work, and to the movies, and the malls. I wish I lived in a city. I can’t wait until I move to Tokyo.

    – Rachel

  26. sicher commented on Apr 17

    The most important factor for U.S to bring down oil prices is to build new refineries. They have about 180 of them as opposed to 360 back in 1980. Last oil refinery tht was built was in 1979. This crap about enviromentalists etc etc is bull…. I know and all u knw that if a govt needed to build new refineries (at LEAST ONE NEW ONE SINCE 1976) they WOULD. but… as someone stated above some poeple have their little stocks in the oil economy… Now why would they go lower them prices huh?

  27. Robert commented on Apr 19

    Yeah, yeah….Bush Eats puppies too. He also causes global warming. Single handedly caused WWI, and WWII,
    And let’s not forget the dinosaurs. We all know he caused them to become extinct. You must be really ignorant to think Bush controls gas prices. Look above ! America is amongst the lower gas wages. EXXON made 300% profit in the last 2 years.
    Something has to be done about coroporate greed. Not our President. He loves America, and what it stands for. At least he’s not a quitter, like most of the Americans who have turned their backs on him, because of hard times that are out of his control. Again He had a good deal of support for the war till things went badly. Then “americans” complain,and say get out and let the people of Iraq suffer.

  28. Robert commented on Apr 19

    Yeah, yeah….Bush Eats puppies too. He also causes global warming. Single handedly caused WWI, and WWII,
    And let’s not forget the dinosaurs. We all know he caused them to become extinct. You must be really ignorant to think Bush controls gas prices. Look above ! America is amongst the lower gas wages. EXXON made 300% profit in the last 2 years.
    Something has to be done about coroporate greed. Not our President. He loves America, and what it stands for. At least he’s not a quitter, like most of the Americans who have turned their backs on him, because of hard times that are out of his control. Again He had a good deal of support for the war till things went badly. Then “americans” complain,and say get out and let the people of Iraq suffer.

  29. Eddie commented on Apr 25

    I think people are concentrating too much on price rather than on efficiency.

    So, yeah yeah, buy a car than runs on diesel because diesel is cheap (NOW) but once demand for it goes up, the price will also rise (as it has in the US) Same thing for ethanol.

    Electric motors are more efficient than gas engines by over 40%. But gas has more energy per volume than batteries. So hydrids are a great mix. But not perfect.

    I’m so sick of europeans trying to say they’re morals are higher than ours. If they could afford a big car, they would buy one. Why aren’t hybrid sales taking off in europe? Because they’re buying diesel cars instead. I’ve lived in France, Germany and Finland.. I don’t feel they are greener than Californians.

  30. Dan commented on Apr 26

    I am here in the U.S. so can you all in Ven. send me a couple thou. imp.gals.?

  31. zack commented on Apr 29

    thats bullshit for the UK.

  32. Ercan commented on May 22

    Just to let you know, it’s actually not Netherlands but Turkey that has the highest gas prices in the world.

    In Istanbul, the price of regular gas is 6.87 $/gallon, price of unleaded is 7.48$/gallon.

  33. chris norman commented on Jul 3

    Hmmmm… George Bush love America? If he loved his country so much why is he not bothered with climate change/global warming etc (me thinking kyoto agreement), one simple answer: money, the more he can get the better, that’s all that matters.
    As for the transport in Europe being significantly better, I’d like someone to see the provision in this area, we get 2 bus’s a week if we’re lucky, the trains are crap. Unless you live in a city/big town you do need a car, in the UK at least.

  34. IAS commented on Jul 15

    I read some comments that Bush cannot do anything about high gasprices here om the US?
    Nonsens, he needs to stop playing chicken,stand up and call all the oilexecutives in his oval office and tell them: You High oil prices hurts AMericans. You lower your profits bring the price down or otherwise I am going to make your lifes miserable.
    That’s it!!!

  35. dissapointed commented on Aug 30

    Wake Up!

    As mentioned above, Bush does have ties with the oil companies, as well as all corporate and non-corporate businesses in the U.S.. — IT’S CALLED THE ‘U.S. GOVERNMENT’ —

    3 word’s: Money, Power & Greed!!

    If it did’nt benefit our leaders they would’nt take part in it. Nor would they allow anyone else to benefit. This has always been the case since day one. The whole point of Government is wraped up in those three word’s. This goes for all leaders world wide.

    Our Global future will consist of knowledge and information. Both these thing’s will be worth more than any amount of Money. And Power comes with them.
    If we as a world all knew the truth we would’nt stand for this “Game” our leaders are playing.

    Please, for the sake of your future, get informed of the real truth.

    here’s a start:

    God bless you all.

  36. will commented on Jan 26

    does anybody else find it too much of a coincidence that the middle east, and venezuela has the lowest prices. also, what’s with the bush and the forrest thing.

  37. steven commented on Mar 12

    I am commenting on the fact that some of what you said on your website is not true. But yes gas prices have gone up alot over the past few month. Chances are they’ll keep going up the United Sates until we leave Iraq and because allies with them. Becase we all know the only reason why Bush is still in Iraq is for the oil. Becasue thats what our society is built off of greed and the want for complete controle over other countries natural resources.

  38. Pre commented on Apr 25

    I live in the U.S….I own 3 vehicles.. 2 are 4 wheel car is a mitsubishi evolution super car…i pay a lot for gas because i drive a lot…America is a car-culture…we’re in Iraq because there are over 70 untapped oil fields there..perhaps more oil than saudi arabia..we don’t want china to get their mitts on it…so we created a war…does the avg american care?…as long as we get to ride around and look

  39. Melvin commented on May 13

    In the US unless it has changed,The public utility companies are intitled by law to 12% profit. They can’t make over that but they know they will make that much.

    Why is an oil company not concidered a public utility. They are also selling power products to the public.

  40. S.B. commented on May 15

    We all know the average american is lazy and would rather pay the price than do or try to do anything about prices of gasoline.
    Maybe if everyone would cut down on all the unecessary driving then maybe prices will lower.
    Not only would this cause the oil companies to feel the impact but it would cause businesses to drop in sales and all and all things may be accomplished for the better than to continue getting worse.
    Another thing I do believe would make these prices to come down would be to start the ODD/EVEN setup we had in the 70’s.
    This is something everyone would be involved in and it would’nt be overlooked or un-noticed as the boycott on not buying gas on May 15th was .
    I was’nt aware of this until now May 15th but it was a good idea and I hope everyone will follow along with this because we have to let not only the political world see that we mean business but also the oil tycoons that are padding their pockets getting richer on we the people that have got them where they’re at

  41. isak commented on May 21

    And what did May 15th do for us… Nothing. No one in the US cared. I was shocked to see all the people who just continued to pump gas on the day we were supposed to “show the world we mean business”. And gas prices since then continued to rise. There are hundreds of solutions for high gas prices, but the only way for something to work is to stop arguing about it, unite, and do something about it. Sadly, this will never happen.

  42. John commented on May 22

    One thing that most people do not realize is that the US does not get much of its oil from the Middle East. Contrary to popular belief the US gets most of its (foreign) oil from Canada and Mexico. Less than 15% comes from places like Saudi Arabia or Kuwait. Most oil exported from Middle Eastern countries stays in the Eastern Hemisphere. All the talk about the US invading Iraq to get cheap oil is a load of crap, so all the Evil America – No Blood for oil crowd should just stfu.

  43. Will commented on May 31

    The US is the third largest oil producer in the world, and produces 85% of it own energy overall. If pressed, the US can supply 100% of its own energy, its just cheaper to import some of it. None of the above is true for the EU. Hence 400% tax on gasoline in European countries, and European mass propaganda about man’s role in the end of the current ice age: its mainly a security issue for the EU, nothing more or less. The Green politics stuff is just a way to motivate the public to support a security issue. Beyond that, how taxing anything at 400% is “moral”, never mind a commodity of daily life, escapes me. Anybody who thinks taxes are somehow fixed by the government services provided is nuts. There is no limit to public spending, governments the world over take as much as they can get away with and spend it, regardless of the services they provide. Most people (and governments) have likely noticed its very easy to spend money without seeing the results, and gets easier as your income rises.

    Clean air? Anybody who has spent time walking in a European city recently could probably understand my dislike of the diesels that are sold in Europe because of high taxes. If you’re a pedestrian, or motorcyclist, the soot goes right down your lungs. As much as I love some European cities (and I do) when it comes to public health give me Los Angeles freeways any day! I have lived in both Europe and the US by the way, both for extended periods.


    Note that only Saudi Arabia and Russia are bigger producers of oil than the US.

    “(The US) produces 85% of it own energy overall.


  44. Draw commented on Jun 9

    I was recently in the UK and the article says that in the UK the price of gas is $5.79 a gallon.
    Which I don’t really understand and if anyone can explain the following to me, please do.

    Gas in the UK is 97p per litre ($1.91)
    1 US Gallon = 3.785 Litres
    97p X 3.785 litres = £3.67 per US Gallon
    £1 = $1.97 !!!
    $1.97 x 3.67 = $7.23

    So a gallon of gas in the UK is $7.23, not $5.79 as CNN think.
    Even assuming a small change in $ to £ I don’t really think it would change that much.
    What am I missing? How did CNN work out their prices?

  45. Mike commented on Jun 26

    Gas could easily be cheaper in the U.S. if some politicians, especially the liberal ones, would get a grip and simply dig for oil in northern Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. We’re spending too much time worrying about producing ethanol as an alternative fuel source when all that is doing is sky-rocketing food prices, especially milk and corn, it won’t help with our dependence on foreign oil. Also, lower gas prices help the economy drastically. It’s common sence. The lower gas prices are, the more vacations people go on and the more money they spend. It’s not hard to comprehend.

  46. James commented on Oct 16

    This info doesn’t help at all considering it’s from 2005. Wake up and update.

  47. Tony commented on Nov 9

    We’re all missing the forest for the trees, the root of the problem is much more fundamental. Make your cities LIVABLE, and all of a sudden people will WANT to live there. Urban sprawl is the biggest contributor to fuel consumption. Make the cities safe (I’ve felt safer in some Moslem countries than in many American ones).

    Associated with this is eliminating the gap between the rich and poor. A much more stable and enjoyable society will result, and then we can live in the cities again.

  48. Mike Taylor commented on Dec 1

    Quit whining what is will be in order to keep from fighting this war over here we
    had to why we didn’t go in and take over in the first place is be on me.Oil is just a good by product of this war.

    Life is still good here.


  49. geoffrey commented on Dec 8

    To all who want and need to save gas or diesel fuel in their cars, with increase in engine power and while using, protect the injectors of their vehicles, lower maintenance cost, and importantly, willing to help the environment by reduction of pollutants/emission from their vehicles, I have something for you. A fuel saver that really works, not yet commercialized, but it already exist. It saves between 15% up to 35% on gasoline and diesel. If the engine is old and having plenty of blowby, the fuel saver will save upto 48%. I just installed several units in different vehicles, diesel and gasoline, and the owners were very happy of the results. It is costly @ 300.00US$, but it is worth. And by the way, soon we mass produce it, it will become cheaper, then the whole world will be able to put it every vehicles in the street.

  50. Bob commented on Dec 13

    This blog is proof that the United States has below average education standards.

  51. Chris commented on Dec 26

    >This blog is proof that the United States has
    >below average education standards.

    I hope you’re not suprised.

    >Clean air? Anybody who has spent time
    >walking in a European city recently could
    >probably understand my dislike of the
    >diesels that are sold in Europe because of
    >high taxes. If you’re a pedestrian, or
    >motorcyclist, the soot goes right down your

    You are full of sh1t. Are you sure you weren’t in one of the developing eastern European cities?

    I’ve lived in both eastern and western Europe and am there every year or so and your claim about soot being prevalent is total bullsh1t. Yes, once in a while some truck or car over accelerates or has their fuel set too rich and will cause a bit of smoke but it is rare.

    Los Angeles healthier than European cities? Are you sure you it wasn’t all that crack you smoked in Amsterdam???

  52. xeffer commented on Jan 4

    Posted by: Will | May 31, 2007 10:03:18 PM

    I was recently in the UK and the article says that in the UK the price of gas is $5.79 a gallon.
    Which I don’t really understand and if anyone can explain the following to me, please do.

    Gas in the UK is 97p per litre ($1.91)
    1 US Gallon = 3.785 Litres
    97p X 3.785 litres = £3.67 per US Gallon
    £1 = $1.97 !!!
    $1.97 x 3.67 = $7.23

    So a gallon of gas in the UK is $7.23, not $5.79 as CNN think.
    Even assuming a small change in $ to £ I don’t really think it would change that much.
    What am I missing? How did CNN work out their prices?

    The CNN Report was posted in March 2005 – Your post was May 2007 – More than 2 years later. Since you are so good at it, do the math….

  53. kylr commented on Mar 28

    all of a sudden theres a rise in gas prices just a year ago prices where this high then dropped whats the deal here, they have stocks and supply of it I would know I have seen the back up supply, 3.50 for gas is insane, most of Europe is so expensive but look at it like this they focus around mass trasportation trains and buses in the cities and what not America could never to that to wide spread

  54. jibjab commented on Mar 30

    Please whatever you do, do not fall for the fuel saver scam posted above. This device claims to inject small particles of platinum into your fuel mixture via a pvc hose or vaccum line and causes less fuel waste. I personally bought one for a toyota camry and a pickup. There was no improvement in fuel mileage of either and when I called the company back to get my money refunded, the seller of the product told me my vehicles must be old pieces of sh-t. Every time I called back the same man answered. I believe this was a single man company scam. Don’t be fooled…

  55. andrew commented on Apr 2

    Yes, gas prices are high in Europe, they make way more money than an average person does here w/ job security and very low wages for an average person here in the US., Of couse we’re going to take a hit because Americans work hard adn drive far to get there. And not to mention we have too many people in this country who will do work cheaper, so as a result we’re stuck w/ low wage and high gas that’s why all the complaining about high gas prices. It shouldn’t be regulated. We should just have more supply and yes we do have it!!!

  56. Peter commented on Apr 10

    -This is for the guy that said that americans don’t leave their engines running when they go shopping because of the A/C…
    -He said is a silly concept.
    -C’mon man!!!!!!!
    -You probably live in a cold climate area.
    -Because here in Florida EVERYBODY does it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. JOHN AUTORE commented on Apr 15


  58. JOHN commented on Apr 15


  59. YUP commented on Apr 15

    Last year, Exxon made the biggest profit of any company ever, $36 billion, and its retiring chairman appears to be reaping the benefits.

    Exxon is giving Lee Raymond one of the most generous retirement packages in history, nearly $400 million, including pension, stock options and other perks, such as a $1 million consulting deal, two years of home security, personal security, a car and driver, and use of a corporate jet for professional

  60. YUP commented on Apr 15

    Corporation or ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) is an American oil & gas corporation and a direct descendant of John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil company.[2] Formed on November 30, 1999, by the merger of Exxon and Mobil, ExxonMobil is the world’s largest company by revenue, at $404.5 billion for the fiscal year of 2007. It is also the largest publicly held corporation by market capitalization, at $481.10 billion on February 27, 2008.[3]. It is the largest of the six oil supermajors with daily production of 4.18m boe (barrels of oil equivalent) in 2007 [10]. ExxonMobil is still eclipsed by several of the largest state petroleum producers. The company has been the subject of criticism for its business practices and environmental record.

  61. tinker commented on Apr 18

    Makes me sick to see what this country has become. No one in America sticks together any more everyone is out for the self. The rich just keep on getting richer.Who pays for it we do. What Americans need to do is stop all the nonsence and not pay for all this crap that comes in here from other countries.All they do is send our jobs to other countries and the shirt comes back here and we buy it up. Price of gas is nuts I dont buy my gas at Exxon or Mobil

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