Octagenarian Billionaires

Another wealthy old timer saves the market . . . How many of these guys are there?

The bulls better hope we don’t run out of them anytime soon.



I doubt WB is egotistical enough to play that game . . .




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  1. anon commented on May 13

    mea culpa time again. Carl Icahn is a sprite 69, not 80+. And Octagenarian is spelled wrong.

  2. Andres commented on May 13

    Successful investors, like African and Latin American dictators, seem to have Old Testament-like lifespans.

  3. M. Tricia Lee commented on Aug 10

    Would you fund a motion picture that I am interested
    in making?.

    This is M. Tricia Lee, who forced both Eisner and
    Ron Meyer out of the business because of the
    lack of quality in their motion pictures.

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