A few items for your weekend reading pleasure:

•  Business Week awards the 15 top Mutual Fund managers their "Excellence in Fund Management” awards read all about it here and here.

• Mike Santoli’s Trader Column in Barrons makes mention of an interesting composite sentiment indicator by Tobias Levkovich, the market strategist at Smith Barney. If you don’t have access, you can get an overview, plus my own spin, here:  Panic or Euphoria?

• Can Traders be raised like turtles?

No, not the huge vats — what I mean to ask is, “can they be taught how to trade?”

Alot of interesting issues hget discusssed here:  Turtle Rules: Discipline and Consistency in Trading.

• What’s your intellectual market construct? All investors create one (they may not be aware of it, but they do). Mine is loosely based on Chaos Theory, which combines elements of random, non-linear dynamic behavior with Trend. Then I add sentiment and market internals (and a dash of allspice). John Rutledge has a different approach, combining a Weather Map and  Thermodynamics.  Its an interesting construct, and philosophically, it works for me: Weather Map Theory Of Global Investing

• A supposed Apple employee has been tweaking the alpha geeks over at Slashdot about Apple’s upcoming venture into downloadable video:   Everybody’s wrong about the video iPod thing. Some of the posters there are convinced this author is Steve Jobs himself.

• Speaking of music: You can find a Massive amount of Music Blog Linkage at tofuhut. Before Cody’s panties get in bunch, this is all (or nearly all) legal stuff — rarities, public domain, unsigned bands — really really enormous collection (Warning: enormous time sinkhole)

• This, on the other hand, will bunch ‘em upPiracy is Good: How Battlestar Galactica killed broadcast television.

Fascinating stuff. It looks at piracy as an economic problem: how do producers get paid for the programs they create when audiences disintermediate the distribution channels through which producers get paid for their programming?

Hope you all enjoyed a restfull weekend. Now back to our regular programming

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