Money 2005: Hedge-Fund Machines, Freakonomics and More



This week’s Sunday NY Times Magazine is a special issue devoted to Money: Hedge-Fund Machines, Freakonomics and More.

Some of the articles are fascinating. Here’s a roundup of the ones I enjoyed the most in this week’s mag:

What Are Mergers Good For?
By the always terrific Gretchen Morgenson
(be sure to see the graphic at the link above or here)

Monkey Business
New column by Freakonomics authors Stephen J. Dubner and Steven D. Levitt
Can capuchin monkeys understand money?

See a Bubble?
by Roger Lowenstein (author of When Genius Failed, and Origins of the Crash: The Great Bubble and Its Undoing)
Financial anxieties are pandemic. But in trying to soothe our worries, we may only make them worse.

The Quantitative, Data-Based, Risk-Massaging Road to Riches
by Joseph Nocera
Go figure: successful hedge-fund managers make alot of money. But all they reallly want is your approval that their "geeky methodology works" . . .  Go figure.

Believing (and Believing and Believing) in Bullion
by Stephen Metcalf
Currency imbalances? Unsustainable deficits? Impending economic collapse? For some, it’s the golden age.

I like the thematic approach employed . . . Worth checking out.

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