Surprising WSJ Poll on Grokster Decision

This is rather surprising:  The WSJ Poll on Grokster Supreme Court Decision:

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A substantial majority thinks the Supremes were wrong in holding Grokster responsible for the infringment of their users . . .

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  1. Agent Orange commented on Jun 28

    What’s surprising about this Barry, unless you expect progressive thinkers to be opposed to innovation and to support an industry that seems more interested in suing its own customers than in providing something they actually care to buy?

  2. anonimouse commented on Jun 28

    I read the Supremes’ decision, and it seemed pretty even-handed to me. It didn’t address the file-sharing networks themselves, rather it addressed the behaviour of the folks running the networks.

    In sum, one man’s screwdriver is another man’s burglarious tool.

  3. None of Your Business commented on Jun 29

    Continuing Stupidity: File-sharing suffers major defeat

    Although the news is everywhere about the utterly clueless U.S. “Supreme Court” ruling against File-sharing, this BBC article sums things up quite nicely:

    However, the attempts to win damages suffered a series of defeats as successive courts sided …

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