Weekend Linkfest

Man, its hot out there! I’ll just cool off in the A/C, and enjoy some weekend linkage:

From Bubble to Bubble
Greenspan, J’accuse!   Everybody’s favorite bear places the blame for most of the world’s economic woes on the shoulders of you know who.  (Cant say I disagree much)

Confusing Sentiment Data    
Recent polling data about American’s attitudes can get quite confusing. Consumer Sentiment up, Presidential  and Congressional ratings down. Go figure.

"The non Technicians Guide to Technical Analysis (in two parts).
Even if you are a fundie, some of the techniques of TA can save you money.

What If It’s a Bond Bubble and Condo Conundrum?
Caroline Baum wonders why if Housing is a bubble, Bond prices aren’t?

Why Politics Matters to Investors
Its not so much who you voted for but how you invest that may be getting impacted.
US sees big growth in high-risk home loans
The number of ARMs and interest only lonas are skyrocketing.

Its Different This Time Redux
Deustche Bank says the flattening yield curve can be safely ignored. (I say Poppycock!)

How Home Prices Can Be Hot but Inflation Cool
The NYT looks at the history of how CPI substituted cheap rent for dear mortages and home prices.

Bob Lefsetz on Major Label Madness
Lefsetz, an industry legend, dropkicks the labels’ bad business planning

50 Smart Things — and 15 Dumb things — to do with Your Money

Why Porn Stars are increasingly marketing mainstream products

The Mess That Greenspan Made
How 18 Years of Easy Money Have Changed the World


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