Apple to introduce new music-related (Video?) product

AppleInsider:  Apple Computer plans to host a special event on September 7th to
introduce new music-related products.

Monday the iPod maker began distributing e-mail invites to the event, which will
take place at 10:00am on Sept. 7th at San Francisco’s Moscone

"1000 songs in your pocket changed everything. Here we go again,"
the invite reads, in part. The slogan "1000 songs in your pocket" was
originally used by the Apple when it introduced the the very first 5GB iPod
digital music player in 2001.

Sources had previously reported that
Motorola and Apple would use the 7th of
to unveil the first of Motorola’s iTunes ROKR cell

The phones will be the first product of Motorola’s strategic
partnership with Apple, aimed at enabling music fans to transfer their favorite
songs from Apple’s iTunes jukebox software to compatible Motorola mobile

It was previously reported
that Motorola was also be looking into the rental of a studio venue in Manhattan
to hold an east coast launch party for the phones.

Apple, as it has done
historically, does not mention in the event invites which products it plans to

C/Net suggests that its video related, noting:

Record company executives have said recently that Apple has been seeking
licenses to distribute a wide variety of music videos through the iTunes music
store, and that the computer company has told them of plans
to unveil an iPod that plays video

Research firm iSuppli recently reported that Samsung Electronics was dedicating
a large amount–perhaps as much as 40 percent–of its flash memory production to
Apple, leading to speculation that the Mac maker was preparing a larger-capacity
version of its flash-based Shuffle player, or even switching its iPod Mini to a
flash-based technology.

You just have to wait a week . . .




Apple music event set for Sept 7
, Monday, August 29,

Apple hints at big music announcement
John Borland
CNET, August 29, 2005, 11:20 AM PDT

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