Avian Flu Outbreak, Affected countries

Here’s something truly frightening for Halloween:  Two graphic views on the Avian Flu Outbreeak, and affected countries


See also this chart:



The Financial Times

Strategic Forecasting, Inc. (STRATFOR)

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  1. bbb commented on Oct 31

    That one guy in central Indonesia is massive. I bet he can be seen from the Inter. Space Station. This is still an non-issue that is hyped by the media. Regular old influenza will kill more people. Guns will kill more people. Drunk drivers will kill more people. Depression will kill a lot more people.

  2. Idaho_Spud commented on Oct 31

    I dunno bbb. I’d humbly suggest that there is cause for concern and preparation, although not panic – yet. If causing people to freak out and demand that preparations be made for a potential pandemic, the news services might (for a change) be doing humanity a service.

    Maybe we should revisit your post in a couple of years. Or maybe you should visit the CDC website and type ‘avian flu’ into the search feature. Or do a little reading on the Spanish flu (another avian flu) pandemic of 1918-19.

    Here’s a link you might find enlightening(I particularly like the links to the diaries). If you can read these and still have a blase attitude towards avian flu, I’ll be impressed. The idea of our health care (and funeral) system being ovewhelmed by the sheer volume of illness and death is scary. Check it out.


  3. bud commented on Nov 1

    well they found them in canada now…

  4. Timski commented on Nov 1

    Check out John Mauldin’s current “Outside the Box” newsletter. It is an article from “Stratfor”, discussing the risks of a pandemic breaking out, and has some very good data on the current Avian flu situation. All in all, it’s somewhat reassuring. Unfortunately, this article doesn’t seem to be posted on Mauldin’s “Thoughts from the Frontline” website, so I can’t include a link here. It’s well worth reading, if you can find it.

  5. Rainy commented on Nov 10

    Hi, I’m so glad to find this site – I write articles for an online website – recently wrote about Avian flu and I got emails from some (irate) readers because I’m asking people to take precautions – and try to start preparing now; I find some people do not want to hear this – reality – and would rather pooh pooh things they are uncomfortable dealing with. I was even asked to amend my article as the ‘sky is not falling’…..I take some solace in the fact that it’s not all in my mind when I find sites such as this……thanks, rainy

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