Building Excitement

A rather surprising acknowledgement from Billboard:

The back story of Fiona Apple’s first new
album in six years, "Extraordinary Machine" — which comes out October
4 — is truly, well, extraordinary. Earlier this year, 11 of Apple’s tracks leaked on the Internet, making the rounds on peer-to-peer networks.

Although the tactic is often part of a label strategy to build
excitement for a project, the leaks devastated the singer. The songs
"weren’t done at all, and these weren’t the versions I wanted to put
out on an album," she says of the Jon Brion-produced tracks.

Fascinating admission by the mainstream media. 

In the past, any mention of the legitimate promotional uses of P2P — i.e., U2, Eminem, Revenge of the Sith — was more or less looked at askance. But given what we know about Radio’s wounded business model and the impact of Radio consolidation on CD sales, we really shouldn’t be surprised at all.

Welcome to Fiona Apple’s ‘Machine’
Jill Kipnis
Billboard, Fri Sep 30, 2005 6:06 PM ET

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  1. dude commented on Oct 4

    What’s taking the big media companies so long to figure out how to do business on the Internet? I absolutely love buying music online. Netflix is such a vast improvement over Blockbuster that its astonishing that stores like Blockbuster is even still around. I canceled cable TV because the only thing I wanted to watch was the Daily Show and Stargate, and I can now watch most of the Daily Show online and Stargate is carried on DVD at Netflix. When will these guys figure out that the fulfillment model that people want is ON DEMAND?

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