Why Can’t I Buy Liz Phair’s Cover of Mother’s Little Helper?

I like Liz Phair.

I love the Stones.

I really, really like covers.

So when I learned that the soundtrack to Desperate Housewives had Liz Phair doing a cover of the Rolling Stones classic Mother’s Little Helper, I wanted to have it.

So I fired up iTunes Music Store to buy it — only you can’t. Not unless you buy the whole album, which to be quite blunt, looks rather mediocre.

So I want to legitimately buy this, but I cannot. What’s wrong with this picture?


UPDATE:  October 4, 2005 12:10am

Stereogum has it posted here.

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  1. the catablast! guys commented on Oct 4

    What’s wrong is that “Long Tail” doesn’t always work.

    “Long Tail” dictates that niche tastes are easily and readily satisfied, that mass customization is a waning phenomenon, and that particular tastes are frequently satiated.

    Not so for you, my Liz Phair aficionado.

    Bottom line — time to ditch Apple and head over to limewire…

  2. Chris commented on Oct 4

    Hey thats’s a neat trick. Whenever you want a song, just post a request for it on your blog, and someone will put it on their music weblog for you.


  3. Barry Ritholtz commented on Oct 4

    I didn’t download it — (I should have) Its no longer at Stereogum

  4. Patrick commented on Dec 29

    Ive been looking for Liz Phair: Why Can’t I mp3/ If some1 could share it with me, Id greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!


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