HK: Drive + Play iPod for Cars

How cool lookin’ is this hardware:   iPod on Board


That’s hardwired into the car’s audio system; I’ve tried the FM transmitter route, and its pretty mediocre sound quality.

NYT: "The direct-wiring approach can give much better sound [than to FM transmitters], but it is also more expensive and requires professional installation. Harman Kardon, well known for its high-end audio products, makes what it calls a Drive + Play system for the iPod. It sells for under $200 and includes a separate display and control panel that is placed so the driver’s eyes stay on the road.

Having it installed can cost as much as the unit itself, but if you spend a lot of time in your car, and are bored with commercial radio and juggling CD’s, it might be worth it."

2 keys to this adaptation: converting the iPod display into a large readable output suitable for driving (i.e, a quick glance so you don’t  run off the road), and the large scroll wheel, again for ergonomics and safety . . .


iPod on Board: Two Ways, the Direct Route and an Alternate
NYT, November 3, 2005

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  1. Kent Lundberg commented on Nov 8

    Great. Now I have to buy things for my things…

  2. Bryan G commented on Nov 8

    I had a friend who worked at an car audio store install a stereo for me about 5-6 years ago. When he did so he just ran a plain cable out of the back of the stereo, to which I was able to plug in my DAT deck that I used to tape concerts.

    I don’t see why you couldn’t do the same thing with almost any car stereo if you knew how to get in back to the inputs

  3. Alopex Lagopus commented on Nov 9

    Yes, most have extra inputs in the back. Just pull a cable with a jack hanging from it to the front. Some have “iPod(TM)” jacks or even USB or SD in the front nowadays already – I got a cheapo JVC with a front input.

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