No Xmas for Sony

Sony has been paying taggers to put up PSP graffitti in various cities, according to Wooster Group:


Which leads us to this too funny badge:


The best round up of all of Sony’s DRM foibles can be found via boingboing: Part
, Part
, Part
, Part


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  1. Osa commented on Dec 6

    in the greater schemes of schematics, i believe the time has been long past to boycott….stupidity.

    sony’s attempt to hedge their bets to increase their hold on the power base doesn’t and shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone. ol’ white boys with power and wealth are never going to relinquish hold. they are going to remain steadfast in their attempts to remain possessive and parasitic over the masses’ intent to buy and spend. a corporation exists to turn a profit: and a corporation exists to pay off shareholders at all and every cost necessary and accessible to them.

    why do wars actually exists…? to fatten the bottomlines of corporations with invested ‘interests’ (ask henry ford about his alliance to adolf hitler and the nazi party… or the real reason lincoln ‘freed’ the slaves…). why did the major oil companies show record quarterly profits…? because of the ‘oil shortage’ attributed to hurricane katrina, and not because of making any technological advances towards developing accessible and profitable energy alternatives….

    for all of the economic theories and number crunching and datat collecting, the bottomline remains the bottomline for all corporation. and with this said, the ability for human nature to become parasitic and diabolical shouldn’t surprise anyone when the gelt comes a-knocking….

    for 2006, boycott stupidity:
    for 2006, boycott ignorance:

    for 2006, boycott being asleep at the wheel.

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