Inferno o Paradiso?

NYU Professor Nouriel Roubini’s econ meta-site, RGE Monitor, has grown impressively. Along with Head of Global Research Brad Setser, the two have amassed an enormously comprehensive source list for all things Macro-Economic, and in a relatively short period of time. (I have been privileged to contribute to the site). 

The Professor lives and teaches in NYC, but he definitely maintains an Italiano sensibility. To wit: a compilation of articles discussing both the up and downside risks for 2006, most suitably labelled Inferno and Paradiso.

It has something for Bull or Bear alike:

Inferno: Downside Risks for the Global Economy in 2006?

Trends and Forecasts for the U.S. and Global Economy in 2006   
In the best of times, it’s wise to ponder the worst
The Top Ten Financial Risks to the Global Economy
A Gift That Should Keep on Giving
Some worries for 2006
Soros sees chance of US recession in 2007
Reasons to Pout?
Martin Wolf: Readiness should be all in this new year


Paradiso: Upside Risks for the Global Economy in 2006?
Global growth may accelerate this year   
Sustaining Global Growth in 2006
2006 Outlook 
United States: A Perfect Soft Landing?
Top-10 Economic Predictions for 2006
Economic Outlook for 2006
Global growth momentum continues amid renewed concerns over US consumer resiliency

Rejoice or weep to your heart’s content!

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  1. Lord commented on Jan 13

    I keep wondering what positive events could occur that are not already in the consensus forecast. I can see only very low probability ones like falling oil prices or really good employment figures, so I put downside risks as greater than upside ones currently. A roller coaster year overall.

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