Video: Cyclical Risks to Markets

As if you haven’t seen enough of my mug, I had a nice conversation with Aaron Task, Executive Editor  of The, about the cyclical risk to markets.

click for video


Note:  I couldn’t ge tthis to work on my Mac at home, and it took a few retries to get the Dell with XP to process it.


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  1. Hans van Deun commented on Jan 20

    It doesn’t seem to work with Firefox on win 2000, but it works just fine on my IE. And it’s indeed interesting :)

  2. blue][erring commented on Jan 20

    no go on Mac OS X 10.3.9 with Safari… transcript? : )

  3. wnsrfr commented on Jan 20

    I watched it after it came-up in Yahoo due to my GLD watch, I recognized “Cult of the Bear” in the byline.

    My GLD is up nicely, I’d also like to point-out that BGEIX is a really nice fund, non-hedged international gold fund. I’ve had it a few years, am up 78%…

  4. Dru Nelson commented on Jan 20

    Barry, great job on making the case.

    How do you guys do that in one take??

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