Apple HiFi

I guess I have to hear it before I declare "What’s the big deal."



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UPDATE March 5, 2006 2:44pm

The LATimes is rather unimpressed.

Their verdict? Buy something else.

Well, It Can Fill a Room With Sound …
Apple’s new iPod Hi-Fi speaker system is tested against three rivals by a panel of trained listeners.
David Colker:Technopolis
LAT, March 5, 2006,1,6454922.column?coll=la-utilities-business

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  1. WhyFi commented on Feb 28

    Oh the cruel and bitter disappointment. I’m going to chew on a piece of rope.

  2. todd commented on Feb 28

    no wonder the stock dropped 3%… LOL

  3. muckdog commented on Feb 28

    Do you have to enter in a set of numbers every 108 minutes?

  4. brokeoid commented on Feb 28

    i guess the one interesting thing is that it shows apple moving even further away from being computer company.
    if they make stereos they might start making telivisons
    and if you could plug an ipod in to the tv and watch videos off it people might like that(well more than the dam stereo anyhow)

  5. dsquared commented on Mar 1

    Looks like a lock and load failure to me. People are happy to carry around a piece of “apple-cool” design in their pocket, but how many people’s homes would this really fit into?

  6. Jack commented on Mar 1

    At that price, I would have thought the iPod would be included. I bet the markup on this thing is insane.

  7. Alex Khenkin commented on Mar 1

    I happen to be a professional designing high-end audio gear, and let me tell you – this is a cheesy cheap, borderline ridiculous, design.
    “Tweeters, Gromit! We forgot the tweeters.”
    Small Investor Chronicles

  8. BobA commented on Mar 1

    and next they will offer a remote control…

    and steve jobs will claim the new remote control works better than all other remotes…

    and all the appliots will go ‘oooooh… aaaaaaah’

    (yes that’s short for ‘apple + idiot)

  9. Patrick (G) commented on Mar 1

    my wife has been lusting for a non-earbud-based stereo system she could use while gardening outside.

    This could be it.

  10. Anonymous commented on Mar 2

    No… no, this is all wrong. This isn’t meant to be a consumer item at all, but rather the latest (camouflaged) PA system for our military Nordic psy/ops unit.

  11. Jon H commented on Mar 5

    “Looks like a lock and load failure to me. People are happy to carry around a piece of “apple-cool” design in their pocket, but how many people’s homes would this really fit into?”

    The same sorts of people who buy similar overpriced systems from Bose (which, frankly, look ugly and cheap to me.)

  12. chris commented on Jun 11

    Well…. It sounds good in the store and I can take it to the pool or a campsite and use batteries. What other speaker system for the ipod is completely portable and is loud and sounds good at the same time.

  13. jackflashy commented on Aug 11

    HiFi thumbs down! Thumbs up are the Majestic Diamonds. Recommended by an innovator friend of mine from Italy. Check out TBI Audio Systems ( Unbelievable sound, in fact, they have created high-definition sound (HDSS). You will be seeing it everywhere is my guess. The Diamonds are small, sleek,separate boxes that are truly amazing.

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