How Much is My Blog Worth?

When you make out the check, Ritholtz is spelled "T – Z" . . .

My blog is worth $478,165.38.
How much is your blog worth?

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  1. Tom DC/VA commented on Feb 11

    Barry – just listened to your interview on Radio economics. Very interesting. I had one (perhaps dumb) question: when you contruct a “market model” is that a set of equations in Excel or some other software package, or is it just a list of components that you keep in your head when you are thinking about the market and the economy. Thanks.

  2. Barry Ritholtz commented on Feb 11

    My model is a series of 5 elements, each of which has a variety of sub elements to them.

    The 5 are macro-econ, monetary, trend, quantitative, and sentiment. I also use Valuation, but he’s like a 6th man off the bench that sometimes falls into quantitative (P/E) or sentiment (Extreme).

    I’ve played with using them numerically (bullish above a #, bearish below), setting up inputs as an oscillator.

    Keeping components in my head won’t work — too many. And they each work over different timeframes — Econ the longest, sentiment the shortest.

  3. me commented on Feb 11

    “How much is your blog worth?…”

    If I had one, about 2 cents, same as my opinion.

  4. muckdog commented on Feb 12

    I wonder if you could get an interest-only loan and borrow against the value of your blog???

  5. duncan Robertson commented on Feb 12

    as they say

    everything is for sale

    5% commish finders fee for sale of my 60000 post site


    kind regards


  6. Anonymous commented on Feb 12

    Do we have a bubble in blogs?

  7. Kevin commented on Feb 14


    You’re blog is like Mastercard: priceless!

    Blog on good man. Blog on! We’ll keep reading your market insights.

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